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Internet Explorer has speed, efficiency, accuracy, security, customization, compatibility and enhancement support. Every Microsoft Windows consumer knows about IE, its accessibilities, powers and usabilities as well. History told us the experience, hard work and objectives of Microsoft developer team behind the scenes. They released dozens of update packs to fix several bugs, issues and different errors. However, from Windows XP to Windows 8.1, IE is alongwith us as default OS web browser but in Windows 10, There is something new called “Microsoft Edge” browser.

IE is one of older internet browser than any of currently used popular web explorer. Each browser has its own engine, speed and other tools but most of them using same features. Take complete control over internet explorer with customizing layout, home page, bookmarks, search engine, add-ons, zoom level control, keyboard shortcuts, auto translation, multi-tab browsing, printing utilities and many other tools. Internet Explorer has redesigned internal download manager that can grab documents, program files, music, videos and other compressed archives immediately.

Key Features of Internet Explorer:

There is wide variety of free add-ons that are especially for graphic designers, web developers, programmers and video mixing studios. However, internal Pop-up blocker is ready to block anytype of pop-up advertisement. These ads will make browser heavy and also take long time to load the site. IE allows advanced users to switch LAN connection to proxy server with customizing the proxy address and port. Windows Live email, Bing Maps and Translator are popular add-ons of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft released IE in almost 95 popular languages from worldwide. Trident and Chakra are 2 powerful engines used by MS developer team. They also released some versions for Solaris and Apple Mac OS X operating systems.

  • HTML, CSS3, Atom, RSS and SVG support
  • Instant searching through proper search bar
  • Open unlimited sites in multiple tabs inside one window
  • Use shortcut from keyboard to operate it faster
  • Enjoy speed, optimization, privacy and security
  • Set custom search engine, home page and more
  • Use internal add-ons to access its advanced features
  • Get instant access to Bing maps, search, Hotmail and more


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February 14, 2019
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